Above all, beauty.

Quiet, order, and above all, beauty. I love paying a visit to the enchanting, curated world of the Meg Cohen Design Shop at 59 Thompson Street, a quiet block in NYC’s SoHo. Light-as-air scarves, wraps, and dresses mingle with irresistible vintage finds in an array of intimate vignettes. And they really are finds—matchbox cars, La Dolce Vita–worthy sunglasses, Crayola-colored pottery—rediscovered and brought to light by this artist’s eye.

The visual merchandising, while not obvious to a visitor, nevertheless prompts one to roam the shop, lighting on luscious colors, soft textures, and witty graphics. I never walk in without finding something I must have, a monogrammed tie clip with my initials (coincidence!), hand-painted note cards, a near-transparent linen scarf. A Japanese visitor arrived before me and bought all the penny peanut bags. Take a tour.


In the West Thirties of New York City, dotted around the Garment District, can be found the remnants of fabric stores and trim shops, offering ribbon, buttons, and all kinds of notions and passamenterie for apparel. Remember the oversize fabric rose Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex in the City? You can find it at M&J Trimming on Sixth Avenue. The scarlet boa you glimpsed on the street in Chelsea Saturday night? You can find it here. As well as appliques replicating fried eggs with smiling faces, sequined birds of prey awaiting a jacket to be applied to, pointed studs leftover from Punk Rock days and so much more. I’m drawn to the ribbon and rickrack, their arrangement by hue an irresistible eye candy.